Club Order Pad

If you have a large organisation or club and you would like to order garments for your members, you can now enjoy the benefits of custom clothing and an easier way of ordering, with our new Order Pad made bespoke for you.

It’s easy to add the sizes and quantity of your approved garments for all members. No need to remember what you ordered previously, or wondering what brand of garment you should order, everything’s listed on the Order Pad!

Benefits of a Club Order Pad

During a consultation call with one of our embroidery and printing specialists, we’ll find exactly the type of garments you would like.

We’ll then create a custom order pad with the garments discussed on the call.

You’ll be able to see the images of each garment, along with a description of the personalisation required on each one.

It’s then very simple to collate orders from your members, complete the order pad by inputting names, sizes and quantity needed and take payments directly from your members.

This is then sent direct to Pinnacle UK for us to process your order.

Once created, you’ll have a simple, clean way to order garments for your members every time.

Benefits include:

Setting up an Order Pad

Clubs of all sizes are enjoying our latest ordering system that keeps them uniformed and branded throughout the year.

If this is something that may be of interest to your organisation, we can have this up and running after a phone call or email with one of our embroidery and printing specialists. 

You can contact our sales office on 01903 215872 or email us at should you wish to discuss any of the above.

Personalised Printing & Embroidery

with Pinnacle UK

Need a reliable and high quality printing and embroidery service? We can help!

Call us on 01903 215872 or message us below to receive a competitive quote from our printing and embroidery specialists.

Friendly On-phone Consultations​

Advice on hand for different types of garments or designs

Visual Proof with Every Order

We want to make sure you're happy with every order before we personalise

Easily Add, Customise or Alter Uniform

If you need to make any changes or alterations we're happy to help

Optional FREE Orderpad for Easy, Repeat Orders

Picking up the phone to place an order? Not with a bespoke orderpad! Simply complete your personalised form and return to us to do the hard work for you.